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Al Williamson is a civil engineer and the author of the Building Wealth with Inner City Rentals. Creating surprisingly beautiful affordable housing is his passion.

Al is a multifamily apartment investor. A buy and hold guy. He likes to buy well-positioned distressed properties and work with the community to create a desirable neighborhood. Then he develops additional cash flow streams for properties to further increase the net operating income. He ends up with great performing assets.

It took him seven years, but he figured out how to create enough side income (income over and beyond market rate rents) to cover the monthly mortgage of his apartment building. He packaged all the ideas he tried and investigated into a book called 40 Ways to Increase the Net Income of Your Rental Property.

He practices his landlord leadership in Oak Park, an inner city suburb in the middle of Sacramento, California. You can reach him at: P.O. Box 188491, Sacramento, CA 95818,

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