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Chris Porto is the President & CEO of Smart Growth, Inc. which is a real estate investment and development firm based in Oakland, CA. The company's mission is to catalyze sustainable development of residential and commercial properties that enable people to thrive.

Chris is an entrepreneur and real estate developer with a background in finance and sustainability. Before founding Smart Growth, Chris held positions at Deloitte and SunPower; where he helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital for solar energy developments. An expert in capital raising, financial modeling and deal structuring; Chris values ethical, sustainable business practices above all. A tremendous sense of responsibility and passion for developing sustainable real estate permeates everything he does. To Chris, Smart Growth is a means to contribute towards a more sustainable culture, and it’s just the start. After graduating from Virginia Tech University with a degree in Finance, Chris moved to Japan where he studied martial arts and subsequently earned a black-belt in Aikido.

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