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Elisa Covington is a real estate investor/ house flipper in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

She quit her job last year to focus full-time on real estate, and it changed her entire business, making over $500K in 2018. She is a perfect example of how to use networking and focus to transform from a part-time real estate investor.. to crushing it!!

She is the Founder and CEO of Transform Real Estate Investments, LLC & Transform Investments, Inc., two Bay Area local Real Estate Solutions Companies that purchase and improve all types of homes in various conditions and locations.

In a short year, Elisa transitioned out of a comfortable, good paying 9-5 job to a full-time house flipper. With 9 completed flips, 1 wholesale, and 2 projects in progress, she became her own boss and managed to work fewer hours but make many times more than her old W2 income. After just 2 years in business, Elisa has done a total of $23MM worth of real estate transactions.

In 2012, Elisa started her investing journey by purchasing, remodeling, house hacking and owning furnished rentals in San Francisco. She has done a DIY remodel with her husband and also managed rental properties on her own. She accumulated capital by seizing opportunities in a market downturn and selling with high appreciation.

Elisa enjoys helping people and sharing her knowledge with others. She currently mentors a few aspiring investors and hopes to empower more women to get started in the flip business.

Elisa was born and raised in Beijing, China. After working for Google China briefly, she came to the US in 2008 to pursue her MBA at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Elisa loves to design her own flips and use unique design features to attract buyers. When she isn’t prospecting new houses or supervising on projects, she loves hiking, swimming and traveling. She has been to over 20 countries in 5 continents. You can reach her at or on Instagram @transformrealestate.

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