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Hi, I'm J, the creator of the SF Bay Summit! I'm a Felon. Homeless. And barely graduated high school. But through networking, I was able to grow my real estate business, quit my job, and travel the world full time. I own a business that arbitrages Airbnb rentals, and am a big believer in outsourcing work, to free up time. 

J is the Founder and Moderator of the San Francisco Bay Real Estate Networking Summit. Check out his Facebook and one of his podcasts interviews.

I used to have negative net worth. But after networking with other investors and learning more, I utilized an FHA loan, wholesale purchase, foreclosures, and probate to acquire small properties in Oakland and Richmond, CA. I then went on to add about 20 furnished rentals to my portfolio through Silicon Valley and the East Bay, utilizing other investor's properties. 

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