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Started Real Estate as a licensed agent at 18 in 1975 Northern California, Broker in CA at 20 sold Real Estate extensively until I was 32 ish. Then worked for syndicators in the 80's doing land acquisition for housing subdivisions in the Sacramento foothills and Bay Area.. Was named President of a Langer Mortgage in Oakland CA in 1987 a traditional HML company that had about 50 million under management. Sold this company in 1992 and started working in the land and Timber Industry in Oregon. I commuted from Napa Valley.. After that great run got my Brokers license in Oregon and started in the Foreclosure business both court house steps and pre.. working up to one of the top 5 buyers of foreclosures in the market place doing 100 plus buys and flips a year. As this became super competitive I then got my MLO license and started another HML company and ran that up to 30 mil before the Crash.. Just like anyone in lending in 08 we were not immune and we worked through a lot of problem loans were I end up owning 200 homes in the Turn Key markets of the mid west. Once that got all sorted out I saw were the values went in 09 and I started buying Rentals in the South East.. ran that up to 300 plus rentals. ( If I had access to hedge fund type of money I would have bought 5,000 of them) Had enough of land lording sold out to partners in Oct of 2013.. Now I just manage select accredited investor funds were we are in the mezz lending business with very handsome returns

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