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Scott is the CEO and President of BiggerPockets. The company's goal is to help ordinary folks build extraordinary wealth in pursuit of financial freedom through real estate.


They strive to do that by providing the tools, education, and networking needed to drastically increase the odds of making a successful real estate investment and then managing it optimally.


Scott is a real estate investor in Denver, CO, but a pretty slow and steady type, trying to just continue to buy one property every year or so.


He's a licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker.


He is also the author of Set for Life. It's pretty awesome if you are starting with little to no assets and a median income, but want to aggressively pursue financial freedom. You can buy it here:


He is co-host of the BiggerPockets Money Podcast alongside Mindy Jensen.


You may know him for his blogging/podcasting/book on the subject of personal finance and particularly the aggressive pursuit of early financial freedom for median income earners working full-time jobs.


Scott is obsessed with helping 9-5 employees working solid jobs move towards early financial freedom and he believes that real estate investing can be a huge contributor to private wealth for full-time workers in most parts of the country.


He loves to ride his bike, read, drink beer, and explore Colorado - particularly Denver.

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